RI Chemical Corporation (RI Chem)

RI Chemical Corporation (RI Chem) is a wholly Filipino-owned subsidiary of Resins Inc., engaged in the business of manufacturing resins, plywood adhesives and coatings. It serves the domestic and international industries such as paint, ink, plywood and woodworking, handicraft, furniture and automobile, and fiberglass.

RI Chem traces back its roots to Resins Inc. (RI) which was established in 1955 to venture into the manufacture of plywood adhesives. A year after, Resins Inc. entered into a licensing agreement with Reichold Chemicals Inc. (RCI), USA, one of the world’s largest producers of synthetic resins. The agreement lasted for 25 years.

Resins Inc. expanded its operations producing resins for industries involved in surface coatings, paints, printing inks, textiles and fiberglass reinforced plastics. Aside from its chemical plant in Pasig City, the company established another chemical plant in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.

In 1996, RI Chem assumed the manufacturing and marketing activities of Resins Inc., particularly in the manufacture of synthetic resins and other industrial chemicals for various industries in the country. (see www. ri-chem.com)

RI Chem manages two business affiliates. One is CTNI, which was established in April 2006 to set up and operate nurseries for the propagation of seedlings by cloning and other means of seedling production from well-selected stocks of various fast growing tree species. The other is MC Shipping, which manages PICMW 1 and PICMW 2 marine vessels which transport RI Chem products to its various depots in Luzon and Mindanao.

Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works (PICMW)


PICMW is engaged in overseas and domestic general construction, equipment fabrication, and shipbuilding and repair. PICMW’s shipyard, with its 1,200 DWT synchro-lift, is located in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.

Pigmentex Incorporated


Established in 1990, Pigmentex is involved in the production of calcium sulfate and aluminum paste for paints. The company also toll-manufactures alkyds, emulsions and polyester resins for RI Chem. Its main plant is in Carmona, Cavite.

Pacific Resins Incorporated (PRI)


Pacific Resins Inc. was established in August 20, 1998 when Resins Inc. acquired the synthetic resin manufacturing and trading business of Pacific Products, Inc. While Pacific Products began in 1950, it was not until 1963 that it entered into the manufacture of synthetic resins. PRI has continued the tradition and enhanced its products and services, offering reactive and non-reactive polyamide resins, as well as other products catering to the paint, printing, ink, fiberglassreinforced plastic and adhesive industries.

AVC Chemical Corporation


Established in 1985, this majority-owned subsidiary is a joint venture with Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd, (ISK) Japan. AVC Chemical Corporation is involved in marketing agricultural pesticides and herbicides for vegetable, pineapple and banana plantations.

Chem Insurance & Brokerage Services


Chem Insurance Brokers and Services Corporation was established in 1977 primarily to serve the insurance requirements of Resins Inc. and its subsidiaries. Since 1990, Chem Insurance has expanded to sell non-life insurance such as fire, motor car, marine cargo, marine hull, casualty, bonds, health, accident, aviation, engineering, liability insurance, etc.

Chemserve Incorporated


Chemserve was established in 1976 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Resins. It trades in various chemicals to serve the needs of its group of companies.